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Polish Variety Sausage & Cold Cut Sampler. Number 5
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Polish Variety Sausage & Cold Cut Sampler. Number 5

Price per Unit (piece): $45.00 9.00 pounds

All products will be shipped in a cooler with ice gels - already included in the price. The sampler contains 5 products (around 1 lb each): Hunter Sausage - Kielbaski Mysliwskie; Kielbasa Grillowa - Barbeque Sausage; Veal Wieners - Parowki Cielece; Little Ham - Mini Szyneczka; Pasztetowa - Liver Sausage. The final price could be slightly lower or higher depending on the exact weight of the individual pieces.


Hunter Sausage - Kielbaski Mysliwskie: short, thin, semi-dry  sausages strongly smoked (twice). Very lean with addition of flavorful spices. Traditional snack for hunters .


Kielbasa Grillowa - Barbeque Sausage: juicy and tender sausage, already hardwood smoked and lightly spiced doesn't require long grilling, also good fried or boiled.


Veal Wieners - Parowki Cielece: central European noble father of American hot dog belongs to much higher, gourmet class of food - made from select cuts of veal and pork finely ground, lightly seasoned and smoked.


Little Ham - Mini Szyneczka: strongly smoked lean ham, very tasty, traditionally used as part of "swieconka" in Easter basket but great for any season!


Pasztetowa - Liver Sausage: the meat (pork & liver) has a very soft, spread-like texture and a distinctive spicy liver-based flavor enhanced by marjoram and pepper - usually used as a spread for toast or sandwiches, often paired with mustard, horseradish, sliced tomatoes or pickles.


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