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Babka Drozdzowa z Serem - Cheese Babka
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Babka Drozdzowa z Serem - Cheese Babka

Price per Unit (piece): $10.99 1.00 pounds

Traditional yeast Polish babka with white cheese filling.  Alliance of babka and cheesecake produce a very tasty treat that could mae a nice snack or dessert.  Made from only natural ingredients by Polish bakery in the Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint in New York. Baked daily and we ship on the same day it was baked. Average weight around 1 lb.


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Customer Reviews:

Mariann  (Saturday, 24 June 2017)
Rating: 0
One of the best babka’s our family has have ever tasted!!! Great Tasting--Totally Authentic. It is rich, buttery, and airy with ribbons of cheese
woven throughout. The babka was fresh, sweet and soft—the perfect blend of bread and cake. I suggest anyone who is not close to a Polish bakery try
this babka. We moved to North Carolina 17 years ago—and finding food like this is nonexistent. We are very happy store like Sweet Poland ships.
It gives us a chance to enjoy authentic Polish food! The products are packed well and shipped in a timely manner.

ajlombardi  (Friday, 30 January 2015)
Rating: 5
Crazy delicious! This Babka arrived Moist and fresh. Was dense, doughy, cheesy. I will be ordering regularly. Brings back childhood memories.

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