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Kielbasa Swojska - Old Country Style Polish SausageKielbasa Szynkowa - Ham Kielbasa Shinkova

Kielbasa Szynkowa (peto) – Ham Kielbasa Shinkova (ring)
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Kielbasa Szynkowa (peto) – Ham Kielbasa Shinkova (ring)

Price per Unit (piece): $19.98 2.00 pounds

Delicious ring of smoked sausage made with bits of ham. Unique taste that brings flavors of the best dry kielbasa and Polish ham together. One of the best cold cuts. Weight differs between individual packages. The quoted price is per average 2 lbs ring. Price per 1 lb: $9.99


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Customer Reviews:

cybercat  (Monday, 15 August 2016)
Rating: 0
Best Ham Sausage I've had since I left Winnipeg many many many years ago. Have ordered sausage in USA from a variety of places. Sweet Polish has no

gnvdude  (Thursday, 12 November 2015)
Rating: 5
I placed my first order from sweet poland back in November 2010. I have been looking for a kielbasa that we used to get in the St. Lawerence Market up
in Toronto and I'm not able to find where I live. After reading the description and emailing with sweet poland (Andrjez). Which must not it has been a
pleasure to deal with Andrjez, very professional. I orderded the Kielbasa Szynkowa (peto) – Ham Kielbasa Shinkova (ring). I only ordered one ring.
But wow was I impressed. It was exactly like the large pork kielbasa we used to get in Toronto. I think the thing that impressed me the most was the
quality if the meat. It was professionally packaged in a cooler container for shipping, arriving undamaged, and the food fresh. Needless to say I just
placed another order trying some different sausages this time. Thank you sweet poland for offering this service, the quality, and shipping me quality
meats I can't buy or find where I live !

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