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Kielbasa Zwyczajna - Polish Sausage "Zwyczayna"
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Kielbasa Zwyczajna - Polish Sausage "Zwyczayna"

Price per Unit (piece): $8.99 1.50 pounds.

Typical regular Polish sausage made from cured pork with spices (black pepper, marjoram and fresh garlic). It is simmered in hot water and then lightly smoked. Could be used for many purposes: grilling, as a cold cut for sandwiches, as an addition to stews, scrambled eggs and classic Polish bigos. Weight and price may slightly differ between individual packages. Average weight of kielbasa pair: 1.50 lb. Price per 1 lb.: $5.99


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Customer Reviews:

adminAS  (Friday, 03 September 2010)
Rating: 5
"Zwyczajna means common,or ordinary, in Polish. Used on a kielbasa label, it means a basic, cured, smoked sausage.....the ordinary one. Ha! Ain't
nothing ordinary about this Sweet Poland product. It's a little fatter than the one above, and comes tied off at 14". It's a bit darker on the
outside, a fairly darkbrown paper-bag color with orange tones. Another pale pink interior, this one with larger globs of pink meat and white fat. But
here's the true brotherhood: like the Sweet Poland garlic sausage, this is your dream-upgrade kielbasa, the thing you'd hope to graduate to from
supermarket if you wanted to go far, but not necessarily all the way. It's juicy, snappy, beautifully made, with a mild-but-pronounced smoke.....and
it picks up a sexy bounciness if you cook it on the grill. This one's the bargain of the five-star category." - from the review by popular food &
travel writer David Rosengarten in his August 2010 newsletter "The Rosengarten Report".

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