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Kielbasa Krakowska Obsuszana - Krakow Semi Dry Sausage


Weight: 3.00 LB

Krakowska (pronounced: krah-KOV-skah) - popular and tasty sausage takes its name from the city of Cracow, old Polish royal capital. It is made from choice cuts of lean pork, seasoned with pepper, allspice, coriander and garlic, packed into large casings and smoked. The result is a delicious, lean and meaty sausage which is semi-dry so it doesn`t require refrigeration. It can be stored hanging in a cool, well-ventilated cellar. Excellent cold cut for sandwiches or as a snack between meals. Weight and price may slightly differ between individual packages (2-4 lbs). The quoted invoice price is per average 3 lb package. Vacuum bulk-pack. Price per pound: $8.99

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